A. ROEGE HOVE  is a conceptual knitwear brand that challenges traditions with a modern and artistic approach to original craftsmanship and an aim for silhouettes to be both effortless and extravagant.

The unique designs are created each season by founder Amalie Røge Hove. With a master in textile design from the Royal Danish Academy of fine arts, and years of experience as a knitwear designer for danish brands such as Cecilie Bahnsen and Mark Tan, she created the brand in 2019 as a way of bringing her own visions of knitwear to life. And it has been evolving and developing ever since. 

Defined by an experimenting and intuitive way of working with traditional knitwear techniques, the brand challenges our perception of shape and  pushes our expectations of the materials and its behaviour. 

Containing only accessories, the very first collection was a study in small scale sculpturalism. Later these studies were expanded into larger scales with the first collection of ready-to-wear, bringing the concepts from bag to body. 



Every knitted style is created through the vision of bringing life to the material. Different dimensions are created by the bodies that wear it. Like sculptures, they showcase different stories for every style. With thin and shadowlike materials, the pieces frame the body and its real shape is brought to life by its owner. 

Drawing on a rich culture of danish design and craftsmanship, each piece is produced in Denmark, Ireland or Italy to ensure the level of quality and sense of responsibility that is inevitable for the future of fashion. This also allows each collection to maintain the level of artistic quality and feel of craftsmanship as well as pushing what is possible for knitwear production. 

Each style is engineered and created to minimize waste, and for some styles zero waste, for the production to have a natural responsibility in mind throughout the entire process, using high quality european materials such as italian cotton and german monofilament. 

Pushing the material and constantly trying to develop new techniques she makes all of her developments and samples on domestic knitting machines in copenhagen.

We believe that the fashion of tomorrow needs to focus on their strengths and therefore we create two collections yearly and they only cover the categories we truly believe in and the material allow us to create. Its all about creating everlasting pieces and stables to have in your wardrobe for a long time – the versatility in the styles and opportunity to use above, underneath or alone creates different looks within each style and we love to see our customers create individual looks with our designs.

We constantly try to activate old samples and swatches in our creative process, we use our full stock of materials and treasure our relationship with our partners a lot as they make it possible for us to elevate the way we produce knitwear better. This is a constant process for us and something that’s integrated in our process from the start of designing!